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Are you getting what you want out of life?


“All the world’s a stage and we are merely players” William Shakespeare

Do you ever feel that your life is like Ground Hog Day – the same story, grappling with familiar problems and issues, with different characters from time to time? The film starring Bill Murray illustrates beautifully how his character finally realises that it is he who has to change who he is to get what he wants. The world gives back to you according to the type of person you are choosing to act out. We get into difficulties, when we get stuck it that character, as if we have no alternative. We then feel, like Bill Murray’s character initially had, trapped and despairing.

When we, however, use the power of imagination, we can mentally climb out of that trap. We realise that we are indeed just actors that have an infinate range of roles at our disposal – the only limit is our imagination. Dawn French, writer and comedian recently spoke of how when she wanted to try something new in her life, she would tell herself for example “I’m the type of person who writes books” and would then successfully do so. Salvador Dali’s success was probably enhanced by writing in his diary every day – “I am such an amazing genius” ‘How ridiculous’ I hear you say, but guess what? the world agreed with him. This redefines who you think you are – Your own inner perception is key to the outcomes in your life.

So what stops us from using this amazing, life-enhancing skill that can secure success and well-being? Because we are so convinced by the illusion of being imprisoned in our current role which is due to our survival instinct (fear), social and family conditioning. But the beliefs we are working with, on closer examination, are not actually based on fact! This is why I qualified to use a simple visualisation technique called The Mace Energy Method with clients to help identify and then eliminate false negative beliefs about themselves, which have a strong effect on their choices and perceptions.  

Like discarding an old coat and buying a new one, once you step out of their negative identities, you can chose and ‘try on’ more positive and life-enhancing roles.  Once day I imagined I was encrusted with valuable jewels – and people were telling me all day how much they valued me! Try this for yourself, suspending all dis-belief, and you will be amazed. 

For further information on the Mace Energy Method:

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