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Are you treating the cause of your illness?


alarm signals tell you that there is something wrong under the bonnet

Would you be happy if the garage mechanic took the flashing warning light out of the dashboard of your car and told you that your car was now fixed? So why would we want to treat the symptoms of an illness instead of it’s underlying cause? Not only would your health problem not be resolved (and that’s why you have to keep taking the pills), but could also be more damaging to your health, by masking the body’s own defense mechanism.  

So, to look at it another way, what is the underlying cause of illness? Either physical or mental stress stops our body from functioning normally because our vital energy is being compromised, by being diverted towards crisis management rather than normal functioning. Imagine squeezing a water hose so much that the water is unable to flow through – this is what happens to our vital energy, which governs our health and well-being (it’s like being plugged into the mains – without it life is not possible). No wonder we feel so awful when we grapple with difficult situations in our lives!

Homeopaths identify areas that patients find difficult in their lives or past traumas that have not been fully resolved and prescribe a remedy for that. So, if you are currently experiencing symptoms of illness, try and notice when they get worse, what triggers them and how you are feeling mentally when they occur.

I had a backache recently and asked myself the question “what am I currently believing?”. By remaining silent, without trying to work it out the answer came to me: – I felt I had done something wrong (which was causing subliminal stress). Once I realised that this belief was not warranted, I relaxed, and by doing so my backache vanished!

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