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Being the Best Version of Yourself


Do you ever get the feeling that there is more that you could be or do, but that you somehow cannot make this happen in your life? When this feeling becomes chronic, we feel deadened, uninspired, frustrated and maybe even depressed and dis-empowered.

In my work with clients, using the Mace Energy Method, that supports the homeopathic treatment, I see this as a cue for them to dismantle the blocks that stop them from being themselves: and that is sub-consciously holding on to old beliefs and roles, that you may have adopted in the past for security, but are not in line with what you really want to experience now. The reason they remain in place is because we are somehow fearful of what will become of us. On closer examination, however, we realise that these fears are not only unfounded but are blocking us from bigger and better experiences!

I found new teen-flick Divergent that I saw with my 17-year-old daughter an inspiring example. An every day story of a dystopian world where evil adults corrupt innocent teenagers, that go through a right of passage. The message of the film goes deeper and it reflected how we get stuck in roles that no longer serve us or communities. We end up playing the small, safe, game, instead of being the best version of ourselves, that will ultimately benefit you and your community to a much greater level.

To detail: the story of a post-apocalyptic community tried to created social functionality and harmony by creating 5 possible roles that could be played in the community – which included helpers, growers, law makers, scientist and protectors, that the coming of age teenagers had to opt into. Hallucinogenic induced psychometric tests that accessed their subconscious would reveal which roles best suited them. They then, however, discovered that some individuals realised that their induced hallucinatory state, designed to provoke fear so that they would act in an role-appropriate way, was not real. In doing so they found easier ways of solving the problems presented to them. They were aware enough to see beyond the illusion. These individuals were called divergent, and if found out would be eliminated from the society, as they were deemed dangerous to the system. – they were not responding to the fear triggers and could therefore not be conditioned or programmed through fear. As Robert Holden of The Happiness Project says, FEAR is an acronym for Fantasy Experienced As if Real.

The story goes on to show how two undetected divergents manage to save the community. It had become corrupted by a small number of people seeking power, through programming by drugging the law enforcers. The tyrannical individuals believed that man must override his nature in favour of the role that he plays, ie the head must rule the heart. The divergents, however, could not be programmed to carry out the ensuing mass-genocide that was advocated to ‘keep the peace’ (Sounds familiar?).  They could therefore identify and deal with the tyranny and corruption, thus saving the community.

So here is the paradox – do we sacrifice ourselves to our given roles and respond to triggers that induce fear, or do we look beyond the fear and engage in our true passions and individuality? What is the opposite of fear? It is Love. So first step towards achieving this is to make your decisions based on what you love (what feels good) or and not what you fear. (See ‘Let your Heart be Your GPS’). The passion that ensues will always show you the way to solve your problems. This way we become the best versions of ourselves that gives everyone, including yourself, better rewards and fulfillment.

Here is a simple exercise that I discovered that will help to uncover The REAL YOU that is waiting to emerge, but is as yet blocked:

Write down:

1. A real or fictional character that you admire – list their qualities.

2 A type of person you tend to envy: what qualities do they have that you don’t? What do they get that you would love to have.

The first list show the qualities that you currently value and benefit from yourself. The second list shows you WHO YOU WANT TO BE – this is your POTENTIAL within your particular blueprint that is currently blocked by conditioning. As a homeopath, I find this exercise useful information to help me prescribe a remedy specific to you.


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