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How to look 10 years younger tip #2


Losing weight the holistic way

Are you the type of person who has had difficulty in losing weight or gained a few pounds over the years? For women, the classic time is after they have had children – I know it was like that for me! Not only can it make us look older, but when weight is in excess, it can make us feel physically unwieldy, less agile and active. This can then put a strain on our general fitness and put more pressure on joints and thus can have a knock-on effect on our general well-being.

Many people in this predicament have probably discovered that dieting does not help in the long-term. It is using a mind-over-matter approach whereby we assert will-power over what we would naturally chose to eat. That’s fine for a day, but unsustainable in the longer term, because we make our choices with our emotions and justify them later with our minds – too late if you’ve already eaten that cream-cake! In addition, this approach impairs our relationship with food, whereby we switch off from the signals of our body’s natural intelligence – which knows exactly what type of nutrition your body needs each moment of the day – to access this, we do need to eat what feels right (not what you think is right). See Will Supplements make me Healthier?

Similarly I urge caution with crash diets, particularly the ‘Lighter Life’ that GP’s advocate. This involves substituting all natural food with synthesized nutrition powders. Not only do the above problems occur, but because the body is forced to burn it’s own fat due to a starvation strategy. This in turn releases many toxins into the blood stream as the real reason that weight is put on is mainly to store toxic waste that the body cannot shift (keeping it away from the vital organs). This can then cause major health problems including gallstones in the gallbladder and liver, MS, cancer to name a few.

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to this problem, whereby the mind and body are two sides of the same coin:

In order to break the cycle of eating more than the body needs, we have to look at the mental and emotional tendencies that your particular constitution type has. In my practice I have discovered some  common reasons why different constitutional types will put on weight:

  1. The emotionally insecure type –  which could be caused hostile relationships with parents or partner. A feeling of lack of nurturing and dwelling on the past this person builds a ‘protective layer’ around them to avoid being hurt.

  2. The physically vulnerable  type – want to build up reserves for the future (like Pooh Bear storing his honey). These people also feel over-exposed in the public arena and feel safer in the background. Problems can occur when there has been a physical shock, such as a car accident or sudden loss of money.

  3. The connoisseur type – like the best of everything so become gluttonous for the finer things in life. They feel indignant and disappointed when they can’t have what they desire – they could be shopping addicts for example.

  4. The disappointed  type –  will eat to fill a never-satisfied hole when disappointed. They could also swallow down their emotional problems with smoking. It’s a way to keep their emotions under control, as they tend to react to circumstances when things don’t turn out for the best.

  5. The possessive type – Someone who can be mistrustful of others so hoards and takes things for themselves when they feel insecure. One boy who came to be treated in my clinic had been described as an ‘aggressive feeder’ when a breast feeding new-born had this type of constitution. The rubric for this is: grasping greedily with both hands anything offered to him.

So one can see that a sub-consciously driven agenda can sabotage a healthy relationship with food. With the correct homeopathic treatment, whilst the personality still remains, the dysfunctional behaviour is eliminated and the person is able to act upon the body’s natural intelligence through a healthy appetite. This will enable your body to become the best it can, attractive and healthy.

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