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Inherited Diseases


Following the recent news that Angeline Jolie has opted for a double mastectomy with the knowledge that she had a likelihood of inheriting cancer genes, I believe it is useful to outline how homeopathy can help in this type of problem. I will talk about cancer another time, but I want to look at inherited conditions. 

Homeopaths have always been aware that serious conditions can be inherited, so regardless of how healthy you try to be in your life, it could still ‘come to get you’. When I have someone who comes in to my practice with a condition that has not responded to normal treatments and the symptoms do not fit the natural constitutional type of the person, then I usually suspect an inherited condition. This is usually confirmed when similar types of symptoms are seen in relatives.  Homeopathy has devised specific type of remedies called nosodes that tackle this problem. We are no longer treating the constitution, but rather an unresolved disease state from an ancestor. This disease could range from tuberculosis, STDs to scabies and cancer.

I had a typical case like this when a middle aged busness man came to my practice, seeking help with depression. His symptoms included mood swings and excessive daily alcohol consumption. Therapies such as hypnosis and AA counselling had had a limited effect. On closer questioning, he was experiencing a grey, flat empty feeling, which triggered the drinking.  He had not had any severe life experiences to warrant such detrimental symptoms. His symptoms, however, were a family trait, which confirmed my selection of the nosode Medhorinum. After 2 doses of the remedy, he has no longer drunk alcohol for 6 months and feels a lot better and empowered in his life.

So rather than treating your body as if it were ‘the enemy’, homeopathy enables a more gentle approach.  Natural medicines come from the premise that nature doesn’t mistakes, it just adapts to changing circumstances. If give the correct stimulus the body and mind is able to heal itself.

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