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Love (which is Acceptance) in the Time of the Corona Virus

Updated: May 1, 2020

Enforced social isolation has offered us a unique opportunity to re-connect with the one we tend to ignore the most in our busy lives, OURSELVES. This is a gift that we would be wise to grab with both hands, and here's why: My perspective and methods that I will show you, will enable you to find a new foundation inside you, which is where you find sustainable health and well-being. Living from this place, you will feel ever more fresh, alive, empowered and yet fully peaceful, relaxed and harmonious than you have ever experienced before.


By relaxing all efforts and letting go of all expectations on the inside, and letting our life force do the healing/living/acting and dealing with life for us through us. Like an old British Rail advert,"Let the Train (aka Life-force) take the strain!

Although this sounds like a crazy idea at first, you can see that in many respects you are already doing this successfully: if you had a small cut in your finger, it would not trouble you, because you know that your body would heal itself. Similarly, you don't worry about your lungs in case they stop breathing or your heart stops beating. All that is already taken care of. by the super-intelligence that your life-force  operates under.

Let me take you through a brief exercise to help you to experience this place of allowance that enables your life force to take over:

Imagine your perfect day.....

Imagine that you are allowed to do anything you wanted to for one day and you would be able to live your perfect day: time, money, people, obligations, circumstances are all no longer limiting factors for you. Close your eyes and see the imagery and immerse yourself in the sensations, experiences, places he would go things you would do… I will hold a space for you for the next minute while you carry on exploring this possibility in your inner realm……… Now the minute is up, allow the sensations, impressions, movements to fully pervade your inner being. Let them seep out of your inner space into your outer space. You may notice resistances to that coming up, just allow them. notice them without reacting to them or thinking about them. See the kind of person you would be, what you would create and what effect you would have on others.

This is how you would feel and be if you choose to live from the free flow of your life force that is an energy that originates from inside you, and no longer let anything  get in the way of that. Buddhists call this living from your TRUE NATURE (as opposed to your persona or masked self), that is simply being fully conscious and fully alive. This means letting your inner expression move outwards into the world rather than allowing the world to dictate to our what you can do. The only thing that stops us from being in our natural well and healthy state is the resistance that has been programmed into us via neural programming, genetic programming and past emotional or physical upsets. The way to stop these blocks is to accept them! Now this is the last things that your mind wants to do, it's totally counter intuitive, but if you want to be well and not 'right' then trust me on this - 100's of my clients will agree that this works! ACCEPTANCE restores the natural flow and harmony that our body and soul needs to feel fully alive. The Homeopathic "LIKE CURES LIKE" concept stimulates your life-force to heal you, mentally or physically. To take this miraculously simple concept further, we can literally say "I ACCEPT (The Problem)". This way, we replace a wall inside our minds and hearts, with a space in which we can expand into. Then we can start to discover new aspects and qualities  that were never allowed to come out and so we never got to experience in our limited and conditioned states:

Strength, resilience, wisdom, creativity, passion, serenity, expansion, aliveness and connection.

To help you in this time of uncertainty and solitude, let me suggest how we can put this into practice:

Focus on your biggest concern at the moment - 

If you fear for your physical safety regarding the threat of the virus: Say " I accept that the virus is out there, I accept my physical fragility, I accept the unknown".  If you fear for your economic security: Say "I accept uncertainty of my future income, I accept enforced redundancy, I accept a more limited role in society". If you are a key worker or parent rushed off your feet: Say "I accept the demands that are put on me, I accept the stress that I'm experiencing, I accept the lack of support" , . and finally if enforced social isolation is making you feel lonely or frustrated not being with your loved ones: "I accept being on my own, I accept missing out on love from others, I accept the emptiness in my life". If you have any other particular fears, then again say "I ACCEPT (Fill in the blank)"

Notice how your body feels after you say this: hopefully more relaxed, a little bit tingly and you may even feel tired, as the sympathetic nervous system is no longer on tenterhooks. And finally, If you still feel unduly anxious in these times and find it very difficult live from your natural flow, I have created a new neural reprogramming audio to help you to feel more secure and grounded and enable you to let go of fearing the worst: Follow the link on the picture below:

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