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What causes moods swings?

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Many people experience episodes of unexpected, overwhelming and uncontrollable moods that can stretch from one extreme to another: From pleasant and exhilarating  to unpleasant and dark. These unpredictable emotional states, that are distressing and frustrating for both the suffer and their loved-ones, are often associated with hormone fluctuations. Hormones are designed to exaggerate emotions in order to spur us on into action. They therefore ‘bring out’, rather than cause, any dysfunctional imbalanced feelings, that are already setup inside us, underneath the surface of our conscious mind.

If this patterning establishes itself into chronic and insurmountable condition, it is labeled Bi-polar Disorder.  Extreme cases of emotional turmoil could result in episodes of  psychosis whereby the sufferer feels that their reality is like an uncontrollable dream state. What is happening here is that the tumultuous emotions are projected into their outer reality, when the nervous system (the brain being part of this) can no longer rationalise and therefore contain the internal ‘pressure’ of these subjective emotions.

Un-tethered and exaggerated feelings make the sufferer feel out of control

The standard treatment methods are mood stabilizers that are neural inhibitors that in one form or other will de-sensitize the sufferer from the raw emotional charges. The purpose is to ensure that they not act on these extreme emotions leading to risky, destructive, or even suicidal thoughts, actions or behaviours. This then will keep them and those around them out of harm.

The downside of this  treatment is that the medication can disconnect the patient from their feelings, both good and  bad. This then makes them less aware of their own personal preferences. Our subjective feelings about things such as like and dis-likes can help us decide what is right for us. This enables us to make positive improvements in our personal circumstances – see “Let your heart be your GPS”.

I am not here to make judgments or offer advice on how to handle treatment choices that the sufferer has to make. It is after all their journey and it would be dis empowering for anyone to take away their own authority!

Neural inhibitors work by reducing your ability feel

The clients that come to me want find a solution beyond sickness management. Here, we bring about freedom from the underlying cause of the problem. We do it by helping the sufferer re-connect and access hidden qualities inside themselves, that will enable them to live from a more secure, balanced and whole (healed) place. This is transformation whereby the client will become a more effective version of themselves.

We don’t manage symptoms, we transform the person

Here’s how it works:

I use the four element framework featured in most ancient philosophies. Each element represents one aspect of ourselves. The four together make the complete person.


WATER    ———————-|———————— FIRE


WATER – represents our emotions and it’s ability to flow gives us connection with ourselves and others. It’s opposite element is:

FIRE – represents our actions and it’s ability to target gives us goals and empowerment.

AIR – represents our thinking and it’s elevation gives us freedom and objectivity. It’s opposite element is:

EARTH – represents our physicality and it’s solidity gives us stability and security.

For full functionality, we have to balance out the four aspects of ourselves

Someone who suffers from mood swings is stuck in the water element, (see the water element in how to achieve a balance life). The individual has become too focused on their feelings at the expense other possibilities such as just ‘being’ (earth), objective thinking (air), or acting on inspiration or instinct (fire). Our natural healing mechanism wants to correct that imbalance, so it automatically swings into the opposite element, which in this case is fire.

So we start to see lows when they are in water with feelings that overwhelm them with sadness and grief, to highs when they are in fire with excitement and passion. Because these elements are opposites, if left to their own devises is just keep attracting and then repelling each other as the sufferer is not fully embodying the AIR (Objective thinking) and Earth (stability) elements. Then maintains disharmony and instability within the sufferer.

Think of the sufferer swooshing around all at sea – which is the sea of emotions – Their  feet can’t reach the bottom for security (Earth) and they haven’t got a map (which abstract thinking Air can offer them) are not seeing land on the horizon. They therefore don’t know which way to swim and can only cling onto flotsam and jetsam that happens to be passing (which are people close to them or even just random ideas, such as heresay, superstitions, googling, social media, etc. that they pick up on the way in the attempt to find security there). They are too immersed in the world of possibilities and cannot anchor themselves in the plain facts of the here and now that is only available if they reach inside themselves, and not externally.

Moods swings are caused by an inability to access objectivity and security in a time of crisis

How to solve the problem:

Due to social conditioning, genetic programming and past emotional upsets, we hold internal resistances to connect with all our natural faculties represented by the 4 elements. So in this case, someone with moods swings holds unconscious resistance to being able to be fully present this physical stability that is available only now (Earth) and be able to plan where they want to take themselves through objective thinking (Air), rather than feel like a victim. This will enable inner security and ownership of ones life.

In my practice we take away these resistances in two ways:

1. Individually prescribed homeopathic remedies

These can release the resistances within the neural patterning to better thoughts and actions, so that the patient can without effort access these better way and habits.

For example:

Medhorrinum – this takes away the belief that we are responsible for other’s happiness and they of ours that underlies co-dependence, that keeps most emotional people in a constant flux.

Merc. cor. – that takes away a controlling and corrosive inner critic. This mind judge is making you feel bad about your natural ability to feel emotions strongly because the ‘negative mind’ does not like the feeling of inner instability. This, incidentally, is a key remedy for helping to eliminate the underlying mental cause of anorexia. 

Homeopathic remedies reprogram our nervous system to think and act in a less limited way

2. Releasing pictures held in our subconscious

These have been placed there by emotional  imprinting, so that the sufferer plays out old dramas that no longer serve them.

By using my unique visualisation exercises that I take my client through, the sufferer will start becoming a more functional ‘character’ in the drama of life. See “Are you getting what you want out of life”.

These exercises are now available for secure purchase in downloadable MP3 format here:

We need to release emotional imprinting to stop acting out old dramas

Here are some more practical exercises that will achieve this inner connection to more objectivity and security:

1. Cultivate non-attachment.

Pick up 7 items laying around the house, some valuable some less so – pen, mobile phone, treasured book, jewelry etc . Holding each one in turn, ask yourself if I lost this forever, would I still be ok? The answer will always ultimately be YES – you will still be alive, breathing and ready to live another day, even though you may feel upset or annoyance. Then progress to people that you know. Without wishing them harm, we can realise that we can be ok without constant attachment and relationship.

This can enable us to discover a new security within ourselves so we can start to free ourselves from having to keep worrying about people and things, that are ultimately beyond our control. With this, we gain ‘bandwidth’ to pay more attention to our own needs.  Don’t worry, this won’t turn you into a hermit – it will instead make you more fun to be around, because others won’t sense your neediness! This then enables you to ‘lighten up’ as you interact with the world.

This way you gain more security in your own being. (Earth element)

2. Use your power of imagination to anchor better feelings in your body.

Imagine your perfect day. If time and money were no issue, see yourself in your perfect day: there is no need for specifics, like where who what, but rather gather general impressions: You could reach for a wonderful childhood memory. What are the qualities that you treasure most? Freedom? Excitement? Warmth and comfort? Creativity? See the scene in from of you now – just get the impressions that it holds, people, scenery, trees, beach, house, movement, etc. Then start to fully immerse yourself in it. How would you be? What would it feel like? Feel that in your body – start to notice a sense of ease, lightness and warmth, maybe even a tingling aliveness.

The more you pay attention to both what you see and how that feels in your body, the deeper we are re-programming the nervous system to make this your ‘new normal’. Once we can access this better feeling, we can never fully go back to darkness and misery, because your body is now consciously holding a better option. When you fall back into the dark world of past negative experiences, your body’s sensations will be able to pull you back from the brink.

This will help your ability to know what is right for you and you will becomes less likely to buy into thoughts and concepts that do not serve you.

This enables you to become your own authority (Air Element).

If you have any comments, any feedback, or would like to book a session with me, I’d love to hear from you!

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