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What the Heck is Quantum Healing?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The laws of quantum physics show us why this is the ONLY way we can create change in our lives, without having to pay the price of giving away your energy, feelings, health, wealth, freedom, goodwill etc.

This way, you can have it all!

What I am going to propose to you is something that we all desire deep-down, but don't believe is possible: Not having to put in the effort to make your life perfect for you, without needing to figure anything out! Not dreading the consequences of outcomes that haven't happened yet. Not living in regret of the past. Not worrying about other people's reactions and problems. Not having to try harder!

Instead, living life as a fresh, new and enriching experience in every moment, and confident that anything that you need to know will be very clear and obvious. Letting Life take the strain, as it carries you, so that you can feel relaxed and free, rather than feeling like a coiled up spring, whilst living on your nerves.

This is how we believe reality works

In our daily lives, we believe that if we make the right choices, do the right things, then we get the right outcomes. So, if you would like a cake, you choose a recipe you like, you have to go to the shop, get the ingredients, read instructions and make the cake. So far, so simple...

This is the traditional or Newtonian physics of cause and effect - that with every action, you get an equal and opposite reaction. The idea is that things have physical mass and therefore needs to be pushed around by forces:

You have to make an effort, in order to get the changes that you want in your life.

When we say "I'll try....or I should....." then we are trying to make that effort.

However.... some biographies of famous people detail that success can also come through inspiration rather than perspiration, usually 'against all the odds'. Rags to riches, zero to hero are some of these stories. They had suddenly transformed their trajectory in life, in an imperceptible way, that cannot be recreated by steps in a formula by other people, like the cake recipe. So what did they do that seems impossible for most people?

The answer is that they did something that requires far less time, effort and resources to achieve their desired result:

By effortlessly making a quantum leap in the inside, they automatically created completely new life on the outside!

Lets see how:

Quantum physics turns everything we think we know round.

Everything is energy, even physical things - so using force is not necessary.

Our physical reality is just a patterning of energy and so nothing really "matters".

Outcomes are dependent on the inner reality or belief that the observer holds.

There is therefore no real cause and effect, it just seems that way.

Our reality is like a prism and is really mirroring what we believe about ourselves.

To change our current reality we just have to find a new perspective inside us.

So, for example, if something in your life makes you feel helpless, start looking through the eyes of an empowered person and you will start to see new opportunities that you could have been blind to before.

See my article "Are you getting what you want out of life?" for further ideas on this.

Time and space are just reference points for the mind, but are not real.

By focusing and engaging solely with what is here and now we become truly empowered. By acting on ideas sometime or somewhere else we can never create the real changes that we want in our life. Reference "The Power of NOW" by Eckhart Tolle.

It is possible to contain two mutually exclusive states in one place.

(Reference: Schrodiger's cat experiment where in it's quantum state it was both dead and alive.) This means you no longer have to be one thing, at the exclusion of another. For example:

  • You are allowed to be a nice person, AND say no to people when it doesn't suit you to do something.

  • You are allowed to have lots of money AND still be humble.

  • You are allowed to be knowledgeable AND not feel the need to educate others.

  • You are allowed to be able to heal AND let others feel their own pain, without your help.

How does it feel when you can have it all?

So, if we make changes within ourselves, we get to change life without even trying, on the outside. This is known living in a self actualised way. Here is an article "What is personal Transformation", that explains more about this idea.

For many of us, however, digging Deep inside us, in order to find more of what we didn’t think we had can pose as quite a challenge. To see beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves, the first step is to become more truthful with ourselves. We have to have an awkward conversation inside to admit that although we think we are doing the right things, for example, they simply don’t feel right. When we feel frustrated, anxious or sad, its a sign that our conditioning is resisting that inner transformation that would make our lives better. We want have more money, feel more accepted by others, have a greater sense of accomplishment, there is in fact a mismatch between what you deep down know you could be and the person that you have been conditioned to be. The solution is, just like an annoying Amazon Prime subscription, that keeps auto-renewing after you inadvertently 'bought in', we have to make an effort to unhook ourselves from old behavior patterns, that no longer take us to where we want to be or give us the reality that we want!

Quantum Healing can help to remove the blocks to transformation

In a consultation we find out the programmed responses and beliefs, that are blocking your transformation. We then re-connect with qualities that you have inside you, that you didn't even realise existed, so that you can now realistically experience the new transformed person you wish to be as it becomes programmed that into your nervous system. It's like going into a clothes shop, trying on a million dollar dress and then knowing yourself at a core level as being a princess!

Unfortunately, all the positive affirmations and visualisations in the world, cannot the permanent change that quantum healing can. This is because it keeps the belief in the mind as, in effect, wishful thinking and not grounded in the body, that is the secret behind quantum healing, not superimposing an idealistic reality over the reality that you currently feel you are in.

So with quantum healing hat transformed person. Only then will a new world, with new possibilities open up to you, that you would never know was possible for someone like you.

Without the know how that we've outlined, it would be called a miracle!

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