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When life becomes a pain….

Updated: Jun 29, 2020


How to handle physical pain

Pain control can be a problem when managing long term physical or emotional conditions: From depression to fibromyalgia, medication for pain management may only offer short term gains but long term pains: Chemical dependency, ongoing costs, and deadening of the senses that then stop a full rich life experience are some of the prices we have to pay.

This article is going to look at the fundamental cause of incurable chronic pain and how we can get beyond the pain control cycle of gains and losses. Not only will this solve the root of the problem, but give you more vitality and a greater ability live life the way you want it to be.

One typical disease such as this is fibromyalgia – various painful sensations and sensitivities anywhere in the body. Although it can be managed with de-sensitising pain relief such as medication, ‘positive thinking’, relaxation techniques including visualisation and water therapy, the pain however still remains. Medical science does to not understand the cause of this condition and can therefore not clarify a route forward for sufferers.

So many are locked into a miserable cycle of chronic ailments with no sign of cure.

In energy medicine we understand that chronic or unresolvable disease symptoms are the result of two opposing forces locked in stalemate, after an attempt to correct an imbalance – because our systems have an in-built mechanism to maintain haemostasis (balance) in order to keep us healthy and strong.

What are these two opposing forces?

The first is our natural life-force that wants to heal us and restore harmony into parts of our body that have experienced trauma and stored up stress. The second and therefore opposing force is our conditioned reactions that have been programmed into our nervous system. These are activated when we fear something. This fear response blocks the source of our vital energy - the heart, and so the natural healing process is halted. So if the pain causes some kind of fear or sadness: either because it debilitates us to live a normal life, such as go to work, or fear we wont get better or that it is caused by a mysterious disease or it activates past memories of pain then the healing action will be blocked. Our nervous system is wired up to run away from pain and towards comfort so there will always be a natural resistance to it.

Why do we end up with chronic pain such as fibomyalgia? Many unexplained chronic pain is actually causes by unprocessed emotional upsets: when we feel like crying, or shouting, we bottle it over the years so that pent up energy is not discharged, that pent-up emotion (energy in motion) gets stored into the unconscious part of us which is……the body. It's like sweeping them under the carpet, out of sight, out of mind. We therefore unfortunately dump unresolved negative feelings into the body in the hope we'll never see it again. This negative cycle again is caused by our conditioned responses that are designed to keep us safe in the moment - for example not showing weakness or vulnerabilities to strangers; not rocking the boat with anger as a child for fear of punishment, not being liked etc.

Each of us will have our own set of conditions that have been automatically programmed into us as children, as our social and cultural world create impressions on our systems. These emotional charges become stored in the physical body and start expressing themselves through your physical symptoms: There's a saying what you don't express, gets expressed through you. This is what experts call somatising disease.

We all have many years of  pent-up emotional charges inside us and here is a way to discharge them: Pain is nature’s way of drawing attention to the body. When you pay attention to something, it receives more vital energy:

“Where attention goes, energy flows”

I have two methods if you would like a way out of the medication/ pain cycle.

To illustrate the first one, I’ll use an event that happened to me: I was suffering from severe menstrual cramps and have always known that pain killers will block that healing, and I took it once stage further, by remaining fully present to the pain, no matter how excruciating it was. So what happened next was really surprising: I had managed to transcend the fear of pain and desire for relief, and got myself into a state of equanimity or “ok-ness no matter what”. It was at that point, that the intense pain turned into something completely different, like a flick of a switch, into a warm wave of loving, healing energy that felt incredibly pleasant!

What I gauged from this was that in my relationships, I have always neglected my own feelings thereby suppressing self-love! The act of paying attention to the pain in my body, just like a mother holding a crying baby and allowing it to express it’s pain, was an act of self-love. This then sets up a harmonious relationship within yourself that can enable your life-force to heal you now and protect you from future dis-ease.

In addition to just paying attention, I take my clients through a powerful visualisation process that fully discharges stored emotional charges using the MACE Energy Method. Repressed emotions, like dreams are stored in our subconscious like images or pictures, shapes or colours. Through inner visioning of the pain, we can access these pictures and resolve them. These pictures are held as electrical charges, help to together by a positive and negative opposing poles, again reflecting the fundamental nature of dis-ease, which is inner conflict between to opposing force. Only by neutralising these two poles, can we release the underlying cause of the disease.

If you would to try this at home, I have an audio that will help you to take away the emotional charges that cause your physical and another one to help your emotional charges. Click

Here's an email comment from one of my recent clients after working with me:

"Thanks for your help yesterday. The pain is definitely more bearable and my husband has noticed a difference in me ie not looking like I’m in agony all day so that’s good!!"

For audios to help you remove the underlying emotional charges that cause pain:

Physical Pain

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