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Who are you beyond your story?


We can sometimes struggle to cope with negative drama in our lives, because of the emotional pain that it brings. It could be that we find it difficult to forgive ourselves or others or because we are anxious about future outcomes. If we are focussed on past events, then we generally feel sadness or anger and on future event, anxiety.

Either way, my concern is that an ongoing experience could become detrimental to our health, well-being and also, I believe, our future outcomes. Why? Because continuing the drama in our minds will limit our precious life-force, the source of our health and well-being.

When we reduce the experience of ourselves as a limited character in time and space as we focus on the story line, an energetic resistance is set up via the nervous system that will dis-allow actions and thoughts within us that do not comply with this limited character. It is this blocking of the life-force energy And this is the true reason why we feel that pain and suffering. The pain is not caused by other people or even yourself – it just seems like that because you are focussing on them whilst you’re feeling the pain.

This story can only be experienced in our minds because it can create a subject-object environment for the story to play out. (Think of the 2 hemispheres of the brain, one is objective, linear and logical, the other subjective that provide the feelings and pictures). So for example if the story in your mind tells you that you were the helpless victim, any inspired empowerment actions or thoughts will be blocked by our nervous system, because it has to ‘get with the program’ set up in the mind.

I use the four elements, fire, water, earth and air to illustrate how energy and life flows in our reality. The vital energy is fire energy, which corresponds to action and to our super-conscious self that holds the ‘bigger picture’, our purpose and vision of what we want to be and create. It is our instinct that comes from beyond the mind that initiates these inspired actions that come from an inner vision of a better way of being, not based on current perceived limitations. To illustrate this concept further, all animals run of this super-conscious intelligence by default (no, they don’t sit around worrying if they upset their mother-in-law) and that’s why they know what to do in order to adapt to their environment so that they can thrive – such is birds flying south in winter. The mind does not have the capacity to see the bigger picture, that it is capable of doing something to get what it wants beyond it’s immediate or past experience.

Attachment (to the story and to the outcomes) is the root of all suffering”, Buddha.

My healing system is designed to deprogram our nervous system to stop making our okness conditional to our external circumstances, so that we can become more fully aligned to our vital energy. This it will provide an increased source of health and well-being, as well as help us create the life that will really suit us.

One of the many tools that I have developed is a simple visualisation exercise, based on Byron Katie’s self-development work, and using remedies that will remind us to get out of the story in our mind, whereby we become more aware of how hurtful this activity is to us, before we have delved too deeply and made it a compulsive habit.

Lose your mind to come to your senses!

It is our physical sensory perception within our body that takes us out of the past or future, where the mind operates and into this present moment.

I have now created an audio that takes you through a simple visualisation process to let go of that character you think you are and uses remedies to take ensure that you become more alert to the discomfort that you are subjecting yourself. What is then leave is ONLY who you really are, your true nature: Love, freedom, joy, peace and passion.

The audio that I have created is free until the end of 2018 Christmas gift from me to you. FREE TO DOWNLOAD HERE

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