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The Elements of Truth

Neural reprogramming for better health and well-being

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There are two forces at work within you:

What you feel on the inside versus how you act on the outside.  When we enjoy what we are thinking and doing,  they are not in conflict. Passion, joy, creativity, spontaneity, instinct, serenity, aliveness are the result of  harmony between our inner and outer worlds.

It is resistance to our NATURAL FLOW or authentic way of being that causes inner conflict. We did not consciously opt into this resistance that is in fact a form of self-rejection! Instead, we have been programmed by our DNA, handed down from ancestry, neural programming from our external world and  past emotional or physical upsets. Our conditioned mind keeps us locked into socially conditioned behaviour that is run on resistance, giving us "shoulds" and "what-if's", so that we fit in and are acceptable on the outside. Guilt, sadness, stress, anxiety, boredom, exhaustion and physical illness are some of the signs of this inner conflict.



The Elements of Truth is a unique method that can accurately identify and then release this inner resistance, so that we can be free to be our true selves, unconditionally.

Our conceptual understanding of natural substances such as metals, plants, minerals or animals represent qualities that can reveal the true causes of our inner conflict. 

For example, platinum, the most valuable metal in the world represents the need to be the best. If you are a perfectionist and expect too much from yourself, this element, when accepted verbally will heal your consciousness field, to eliminate your demanding inner critic. Once this conditioned behaviour is no longer conflicting with your natural way of being, you automatically love and support who you are, without critising yourself, whilst still aiming for the best, because you are worth it!

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We are all naturally creative and talented. It's what happens through us when we stop tryingThis is the true source of our fulfilment and abundance. It's what makes us come alive! 

However, self-criticism, self-sabotage, people pleasing, undervaluing and ignoring your feelings, being paralysed by over-analysing, victim and poverty consciousness and not feeling good enough, are some of the conditioned programs that stops our natural flow.

The Elements of Truth system helps you to identify and fully align to your hidden gifts and talents, instead of cutting them dead with the mental conditioning. Only then, can you live out your passions and desires with clarity and purpose. This way you can live from a solid foundation - THE REAL YOU.

You will start to live from the inside out, instead of letting Life determine your outcomes.



"I found the treatment very effective very quickly - after the first few sessions it had greatly reduced my anxiety attacks and much improved my clarity of mind." - Mrs A., Ashstead, U.K.


A Unique Approach

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Hi, I'm Meike Lawrence and welcome.

As a child I often noticed that adults seemed to often repress their feelings when they were stressed "Doing Life".  I imagined how much easier their lives would be and how much more interesting they would become, if their outer expression truly matched who they really were on the inside. They would say and do things in ways that felt so disingenuous! By the time I was a teenager I somehow believed that people were deliberately lying to me and this made me feel indignant, until entering the adult world, I saw how this was just a bid to survive the challenges of life.  I started to formulate a vision that was to find a simple way to enable people to live more in tune with their true feelings to become more authentic.

As a geography graduate, I discovered my passion for map-making, a simple navigation system that is highly valuable when in unknown territory. Later, working as a computer programmer, pre-internet, I realised that the communication links for data was key to freedom of choice and empowered decision making that could ensure success. So I started to see that as long as we have a map to areas that are unfamiliar to us (in our conditioned behaviour) and receive better data, we could live in a more expanded and less limited way. It is only fear and ignorance that keeps us limited! This helped to form the basis to the idea that it is possible to live beyond boundaries. 

Re-training as a homeopath I was given the tools to unlock those boundaries within my clients, so that their life-force, that comes from the heart and therefore feeling space, can have free-reign within their bio-energetic system. The secret that I had discovered in this profession was that the only reason that our life-force is blocked is that we resisted it at some point either in our own or ancestors lives. The trick is to match a minuscule amount of the element or substance with the symptoms of the client. This then automatically cancels out the resistant response that blocks the life force.

Twenty-five years later, I also trained in Infinity Healing TM, Mace Energy Method TM and a colour spread feature in "What Doctors Don't Tell You" magazine about my success as a healer, I invented a powerful healing tool called The Elements of Truth.

I offer myself to you as your guide and technician, back to your authentic self.

Let me show you the way HOME.



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