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How to help your Body to Heal itself Naturally

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Are you feeling anxious that you are NEVER going to get better? Do your health problems come and go but never really resolve? Then consider this:

Holistic medicine, such as homeopathy and quantum healing works on the fundamental principle, that it is your life-force that heals you. The life-force is the intelligent power that runs, heals and maintains balance within your body. Think of a toaster, it can’t operate without being plugged into the mains and it enables the toaster to do it’s job. From healing a wound in the skin, growing hair, to creating a new baby inside the womb, this is the life-force at work. It does not need outside intervention, it already has a plan and knows what to do. Now, this is perfection at work......however....

These self-evident miracles, however, are overlooked and dismissed by the mind! It says "Yeah, whatever, but what's next?".

Sufferers of a disease, are led to believe that the only measurement of progress towards better health is the absence of the symptoms. However, the level of mental clarity, alertness, passion for life, robustness, decisive action, feeling at one with life and inner connection and security, the patient has, are ignored in conventional medical treatments. These, however are regarded as some of the truer measurements of good health when seen holistically.

In my holistic practice, the first thing look at in my clients is the light in their eyes, that speaks volumes about their vitality that is the healing power essential to health and well-being, because it indicates the level of life-force they currently have. We all have this ability to instinctively know how the person is doing in themselves, but the reductionist mind-based knowledge does not recognise this inherent natural ability.

Holistic medicine, works with the intelligence behind the disease is that it forces the sufferer. Take a case like a sufferer of fibromylgia (causeless nerve pain) may need to learn how to stop bottling up their feelings and instead release them and protect them. Pain forces the sufferer to focus on themselves and their feelings, rather than prioritizing others' feelings first. That way they will achieve greater things in their life, that will help everyone, rather than remaining subservient to others' needs. Many unsolvable illness including Lyme's disease, persistent coughs, sleeplessness, allergies and autoimmune diseases are some examples where this type of work can be done.

If you haven't read one of my Lyme's Disease cases in "What Doctors Don't tell you Magazine", click the link here. My client, in the article, is a good example of transformation. Once she was willing to undergo and be committed to her healing process, she moved forward releasing her blocks, going through several stages until she reached a much better level of health without being dependent on medication. This was a process whereby she had to becomes more aware of unconscious upsets and self-limiting thought patterns and behaviors. Before, she had been on long-term medication that at best stopped things from getting worse. Unfortunately her body was struggling to deal with the side-effects as well as her illness.True healing, therefore is no cake-walk, but ultimately it is the only way once we get fed-up with the effortless alternatives that only designed to get rid of symptoms. This is, in the long-term, the only sustainable way to good health.

In my practice I have seen how doubting or not trusting the body’s ability to heal itself alone, because of the way the mind works as I described in the beginning, has kept many of my clients in a long term chronic illness, despite the right energetic clearing. Whereas children usually bounce back in health once the right remedies have been given, doubtful adults don't. Every time progress is made, another backward step follows. The mind is still occupied fearful and negative thoughts that can become fueled by progress checking: (like the kid in the back of the car saying "are we there yet?") and googling 100 different ways to beat the illness.

"I have to get better to get to work!"

"I’m really worried that this symptom could be serious or life threatening!"

"People must think I’m lazy, because I have so little energy to do anything."

"Do I need to change my diet and stop eating the things that I enjoy?"

- are some of the many health sabotaging mental loops that keeps us locked into the mind and that blocks the life force.

My esteemed teachers Yogesh and Sanjee Seghal taught me how the mind alone can really sabotage us from wellness, by prescribing solely for the fears that the client has about their disease. One case study given was of a man whose injured foot was not healing properly. The Sehgal doctors asked him what his "problem" was - He said that we was worried about not being able to get back to his business to make money, because of his injury. Now in normal circumstances, a homeopath would have prescribed Arnica, but in this case, remedy Opium was prescribed, because as has was more obsessed about income than his healing. It was his fear that was the block to his body from healing, not the seeming cause, the injury. This remedy removed his fears, he felt more confident to allow his healing process, becasue of this he made a full recovery and was back to work. When I manage my cases, I always check how they are feeling in themselves, ie more relaxed and happy, and that gives me the assurance that I know that their body will start to heal.

Fear contracts the heart area, and this blocks the outlet of our life-force. This is because the medulla at the base of the brain, that runs the most primitive survival programs that are linked with life-threatening circumstances, automatically contracts the heart muscle when conditions are not conducive i.e. there is a potential threat appearing, and in this case it’s called a disease. The scientific institute HeartMath explains how much energy emanates from the heart, as opposed to the brain, and this is where the hidden source of our intelligence and well being lies.

The solution is to trust and have faith, not because of wishful thinking that is based on nothing of any substance, but based on the actual truth of the matter: you don’t do the healing! Through trust and allowance we relax and that alone opens the heart, so that more of our life force can flow through us, and despite ourselves, not because of us, just like a simple cut, we heal.

Doubting the miracle of healing that the life-force offers us, so hard wired into many of us, because we live in a culture that is reductionist in it's thinking - you have to see it before you can believe in it. This then keeps us in mental stuck-ness, because although we don't like our illness, because we are in conflict with it mentally, the illness cannot be healed. That's because we have not opened our hearts to the situation unconditionally despite the current bad state of affairs.

Carl Jung put it like this: "Whatever you resist, persists" that and is at the root of many chronic health conditions. But it’s a patterning in us, not our fault.

I have now devised a healing audio that helps to stop your mind from blocking your healing. It uses verbally accepted remedies, quantum healing and powerful visualisation process that takes away the emotional charges that have build up in us over the years of stress and disappointment.

So if you are struggling on your healing journey and find yourself constantly fretting when you have a turn for the worst, consider purchasing it today. Here is the link:

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