What is personal transformation?

Updated: Aug 5

The whole point of a transformation process, is that it gives us a new potential to operate at a higher functioning level.

Lets use the well-worn, yet useful analogy of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly. As a caterpillar, it spends it's days munching leaves all day long to maintain itself, usually with the constant worry that it is rich pickings for any bird that could eliminate it at anytime! This is how we operate as humans - in survival mode - worrying about meeting our needs and keeping ourselves secure. The element Calcarea Carbonium - the sea shell represents this state. The outer shell provides the protection for a fundamentally vulnerable creature inside. Its a useful homeopathic remedy for anyone who feels consciously anxious and vulnerable in the physical world, particularly the young and the old.

In this current COVID crisis, this remedy is worth considering for anyone you know who is suffering in this way.

This vulnerable caterpillar, if it survives, however, suddenly creates a static cocoon, and in that, it's form dissolves and then out of the dissolution, a new, completely unrecognisable form takes shape, and then takes flight, the butterfly. It's purpose and life then becomes one of fun and less of drudgery - looking beautiful, sipping nectar, basking in the sun, flying about and procreating in an effortless way. This is living in a more expanded and blissful state, no longer tied to the mundane, predictable and repetitive. The Film "Groundhog Day" is a good example of this.

Now as a caterpillar, this transformed butterfly state would be unimaginable, given what it is and yet...if we have the courage let go of all our constructs - which are old beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and feelings - which is the dissolution in the cocoon, we can then enable ourselves to transform into a state that is a lightness of being, yet completely sublime!

In my work with my clients, we work towards this actualised state of being. We have to remember that this is creating a new paradigm within which we can live: in my article "What the Heck is quantum Healing", I explain that to create what we want, we can stop making an effort on the outside (like the caterpillar) , and instead, change what's on the inside (cocoon), to transform into the butterfly. That in itself will do the trick: once you have established a more harmonious, empowered, alive and light feeling on the inside, by taking away inner conflicts towards our own natural flow, your outer world will just reflect it. Your outer world will reflect back (like a prism or mirror) all the light and love that you are containing within you. With less effort, life is easy and fun, and yet all the magic is happening.

I would like to give an example of what this look like in practice with a case study:

One of my clients came to me with hormonal and emotional issues. She had found it difficult to overcome grief, whereby she would easily fall into a pit of sadness. In her job as a dental receptionist she felt upset that her bosses treated her with little regard or respect, as she was not a particularly outspoken. Her elemental imbalance was too much water (feminine, passive, feeling), which causes too much yielding, sadness and emotional and well as hormonal imbalances. The transformation work that we did, quickly created a far more balanced state so that she no longer felt sad, but more optimistic and excited for the future. Her hormones settled and she started to stand up for herself by articulating her needs and no longer being used as the scape goat at work. All these improvements were because we had re-connected her with her inner fire element again (which is the inner masculine, action and self-protection) within her.

What was even more interesting, however, was that she was starting to demonstrate an actualised or powerful BEING state: Her natural talent (we all have one and I work that out during my client's consultation) is expressed as the element "arum telar" - which is the spider's cobweb, and it has very potent qualities: They use the active bio-chemical in cobweb in sleeping tablets (believe it or not) and it's real quality is sedation. This is sothat, when the fly is caught, it does not struggle too much, which disables it from escaping the clutches of the spider! Now, in the world of homeopathy and The Elements of Truth, EVERYTHING is a blessing in disguise. Through full integration of ourselves, our negative, that the mind has judged, becomes the glorious gift that we bring our in our inherent being-ness.

So in this case, the patients at the dental surgery kept asking after my client, as her presence alone gave them a calm, and sedated feeling! Not only that, when she started to become more creative as a result of the inner reintegration work, she made some hand-made cards, small cushions and trinkets that she sold at a craft fair. The compliments that she received from her customers were interesting: They told her how calming they were for the people that had received them, sometimes elderly or people in hospital had actually commented on how much they felt better with them, so she got a lot of repeat business! So we can start to see that when you are balanced and integrated, through taking away inner blocks and conflicts, we naturally shine and emanate our inner light, effortlessly. In fact, it helps when we are pursuing the activities that we love and feel relaxed in, because, that way, we shine effortlessly.

In my deep contemplative work I am very clear about the path to transformation and ultimately self-actualisation: The quality that changes within us will be a transition from a carbon based life form (atomic weight 666) whereby we know ourselves as survival machines - think caterpillar and the oyster shell to a silica based life form (atomic weight 888). Silica as a homeopathic constitutional remedy is a highly self-contained, yet highly skilled individual very focused on purpose. It enables us to focus on our own goals, ones that make us feel happy and free and thereby we shine! Birds feathers, by the way contain a lot of silica so metaphorically we can take flight through the lightness of being!

These new potential actualized states can be expressed through gemstones: Why? Gemstones, are lumps of rock that have become transformed through pressure and heat to completely change their function and appearance. Unlike the rock, they can contain and reflect light and colour. In this state, we are already the light and love that we are looking for in the world.

Below I have listed the 12 gemstones that each of us will be destined to become one of.

The 12 actualised states of Being expressed through Gemstones

Amethyst - enlightened, uncompromising and uncompromised, pure, unadulterated, physically aligned.

Roles: Teachers, writers, speakers.

Diamond – Spirited, enlightened, mentally reflective, joyful.

Roles: Inventors, creators of new ideas.

Emerald - passionate, reaching their full potential, fire-brand, creativity. 

Roles: Healers, social connectors.

Opal – wealthy, understated, innocent, and natural.

Roles: Path makers (way showers), foundation layers, system makers.

Pearl – Compassionate to those who are suffering, gives hope who are at rock bottom, believes in everyone, knows that everyone deserves love and nurturing.

Roles: Nurturers, rehabilitators.

Peridot – brings security through humanity, enlightened support, has everything under control. 

Roles: Managers, community leaders.

Ruby – the embodiment of god's gift, beauty, refinement, giving joy to others.

Roles: Artists, designers.

Sapphire – adventurous, alive, fearless, brings out the true potential in others.

Roles: Travelers, inspirers, visionaries. 

Selenite – brings light to the darkest places, brings out the best in others, imaginative, divinely guided.

Roles: Community leaders, elders, peacekeepers.

Spinel – Holds the big picture, affects things globally.

Roles: Politicians, strategists, planners.

Topaz – Highly imaginative, creates fantastical new worlds, playful, immersive.

Roles: Writers, storytellers, philosophers.

Zircon – transparent in their dealings, emotionally reflective, reliable, gives people freedom to choose. 

Roles: Business leaders, commodity brokers.

My client's actualised state will be Sapphire: Her transformation journey is to move out of water which is the introvert, passive feeler, to embrace the opposite element, fire which is the extrovert doer, striking out into the world! So when water (feminine feeler) and fire (masculine doer) are fully unified within us, we act from pure inner love, to guide our purpose, passions.

My gemstone is Opal - I have always been good at developing systems and pathways: As a geography graduate, maps were my specialty, later in IT I was a systems analyst that designed complete solutions for businesses and now I have founded the quantum healing system The elements of Truth. My transformation journey is to move from the air element when I was an ungrounded idealist, full of ideas and intuition, yet never being able to turn them into a reality. (Many people "on the spectrum", by the way, are in a similar boat.) My journey has been to re-integrate my opposite element, Earth that represents simple, ordinary, fixed, repetitive, that does not appeal to the idealist persona that my ego had constructed. What I am unifying in me is the parent (Air, thinking the one that knows and the child (earth that represent s the unconscious, the one that doesn't know and is therefore innocent) within me.

Find out how you can rebalance your elements with my quiz "How to achieve and more balanced life".

As you can see the self-actualization process is the act of containing paradoxical states within us, to become a quantum (multi-dimensional) version of ourselves. The ego-identity ("the small me" the mind's reductionist idea of who we are based on past, opinions, beliefs and labels - all abstract ideas) will create the a person who is surviving a difficult and hostile world (calcium, the caterpillar). NOTE that the limited survival version of us is founded on an abstract idea held by the mind. In contrast, transformation leads us to become the TRUE version (actualised) of who we are, which in itself means life is just being who we are effortlessly and fearlessly.

Once we have the courage or drive, however, to do the unthinkable which is to dissolve all our patterning (through accepting and thereby transforming which is in my system), then we become unrecognizably free!

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