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May the ‘The Force’ be with you

Q: What is the difference between a dead body and an alive one? A: Well, physically nothing. So much so, doctors’ training include dissecting dead bodies in order to understand what is going on inside an alive body. There is, however, the obvious intangible x factor that animates the alive body, ensuring consciousness and functionality, that is not present in a dead body.

The allopathic medical model, which combats symptoms, does not pay any attention to this energy, so it is of no consequence when treating illness. Yet for all holistic medicines, this energy is at the core of determining the health of an individual. It has many names including Chi energy, Prana and Vital force, but for many has remained elusive and mystical, thus holding little credability in our modern, reductionist mind-set. Fundamentally, what you cannot see with the senses is difficult to believe can exist. Yet Kirlian photographs and quantum physicists can demonstrate that everything is made of energy and it has even been theorised that it is matter that is illusory, like a hologram.

If we increase our vital force or chi energy we become naturally healthier and higher functioning. To heal an illness, it’s really a matter of overcoming the blocks that stop this from happening naturally rather than ‘making the body become healthier’ through regimes and medicines. Remember, homeopathy does not do anything to you physically except stimulate the body to get itself better by treating the blocks to this energy. What causes these blocks? Stress or unresolved trauma – either physical or mental/emotional.  Once these are removed and resolved then you naturally feel very vibrant and alive. Think of the last time you were ill, and what happened before that illness. Usually people remember having a particular episode of stress or trauma, which precipitated a short-term illness such as a cold or a chronic condition.

If you would like to experience this vital force first hand , there is a simple exercise you can do:

Sit upright with your feet on the ground, hands on your knees and close your eyes (with practice this can be done with eyes open).

Imagine all the cells of your body are comprised of light. Go around every part of your body with your mind’s eye and ‘see’ the cells as being light. Spend at least 10 mins and ideally 45 mins every day doing this exercise, which will get easier, and you will notice a change in your awareness of both your body and mind. Warmth, happiness and well-being are commonly experienced. This is tapping into and becoming aware of our universal energy field (it’s our electrical mains), that is in fact our life-support system and governs our health and well being.

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